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Patricia & Phillip Frost Museum of Science presents: Science up Close.

Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science is reaching for the stars once again with its annual “Astronomy Day: Stargazing into the Future” event which invites visitors to look up and appreciate the wonders of the universe – and how humans observe it. This year’s event is unique in that it has been extended into … Continue reading


El mundo según Alexandre Arrechea

JOAQUÍN BADAJOZESPECIAL/EL NUEVO HERALD 09/27/2014 8:00 AM 09/27/2014 12:00 PM En The Map and the Fact, Alexandre Arrechea parece reconstruir aquella idea de Nicolás de Cusa, en De Docta Ignorantia –y que Borges inserta en uno de sus cuentos de El Aleph– de que “toda línea recta es el arco de un círculo infinito”. Al … Continue reading


Richard Prince: “New Portraits” The multi-disciplined artist bends the rules of portraiture for his new Instagram-based show at NYC’s Gagosian Gallery

by CH Contributor in Culture on 26 September 2014 by Charlotte Anderson It’s undeniably weird and yet somehow unsurprising to see Richard Prince’s Instagram feed plastered on gallery walls. On view at NYC’s Gagosian Gallery, Prince’s latest exhibit, “New Portraits,” is characteristically straightforward—frustratingly, cleverly straightforward. Each “portrait”—a screengrab from Prince’s Instagram—is printed on canvas. Hyper-granulated … Continue reading


A Century-Old Home in Singapore Becomes a Modern Masterpiece

By: Seamus Payne A century-old home in Singapore has been restored into a stunning modern mansion, the 17BR-House by Ong&Ong Architects. This long, three-story home features a central courtyard with a lush green wall and finely manicured grass, the spiritual heart of this contemporary home. The 17BR-House is a remarkable work of restorative architecture. Its … Continue reading


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