Antonio Guerrero Animal Extinction-The Greatest Threat to Mankind

©2010 Antonio Guerrero The Last Rhino

MIAMI,FL (The Cuban Art Project)- A majority of the nation’s scientists are convinced that a “mass extinction” of plants and animals is underway. This poses a major threat to humans in the next century, yet most people are only dimly aware of the problem.

Through the series “Animal Extinction-The Greatest Threat to Mankind Guerrero aims at creating awareness about ozone depletion, green house effect and the extinction of a number of species.   “Through my paintings I want to draw the attention towards how modern man’s continued destruction of large ecosystems around the globe could have a negative impact on life in the centuries to come.

Ninety per cent of the world’s rhinos have been slaughtered in the last 40 years to feed the illegal horn trade in China and Vietnam. Poachers can get more per ounce for rhino horns than for gold. The human species is mostly to blame for the loss of many of these creatures with destruction of habitat, over hunting, and introduction of disease and predators.

Animal Extinction-The Greatest Threat to Mankind A collection of paintings of several endangered animal species from around the world.

Born in Matanzas, Cuba Antonio Guerrero is a self-taught  artist who  has participated in selected exhibitions and fairs.

For Informations about the artist please visit:

Title: The last Deer Medium: Ink and Charcoal on Canvas Sizes: 83"x103"


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