Close Encounters II at AVA Fine Art @ Acoustic Architects February 12th 7:00-10pm

Close Encounters II

Exhibition /February 12th-March 11th, 2011 Reception February 12th 7:00-10pm

Miami, Fl- February, 2011 (TCAP) AVA Fine Art at Acoustic Architects had its debut during Art Basel 2010. Acoustic Architects,a high end home automation installation company, resides in the heart of the Wynwood Art district. With their 1000 square foot open space they decided to invite local artists to display their art during Art Basel and at the same time showcasing a state of the art 12’ projector screen presented by Digital Projection and Stewart Film Screens. The Art Basel exhibition “Sensory Luxury” received such accolades that Acoustic Architects invited the artists of “Sensory Luxury”to create a permanent gallery in the space, now call AVA Fine Art @ Acoustic Architects.

AVA is n acronym for Audio and Visual Art, thus integrating the talents of both Acoustic Architects and AVA artists. AVA is committed to featuring contemporary works of art by localand international emerging and mid-careers artists through solo and group group exhibitions. Works will include original paintings, photography, sculptures, wood, metal, and multi-media art. The 12’ Digital Projection Screen also provides state of the art technology for video and digital artists. AVA will also be the host to a variety of social, local and national non-for profit events.

“ For Acoustic Architects to thrust themselves into the heart of Miami’s art scene with AVA Fine Art provides yet another great opportunity for local and international artists to showcase their talents.. “The Cuban Art Project” , AVA’s first group exhibit, is a fine example of artists that have come together in a common cause to support Cuban art and now have a venue to blossom. AVA is honored to be that venue. “ Jen Haley ”

Acoustic Architects are great supporters of the Miami art scene we are privelaged to host “The Cuban Art Project” and its group of brilliant artists.” Acoustic Architects. 



Opening Night February 12, 2011 7:00 PM-10:00PM
271-NW 23rd Street
Miami,Florida 33127


Troy Simmons
Jen Haley
Christina Major
Kurt Merkel

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