Art Naples Presents: Miami Wave

The Cuban Art Project– Art Naples is proud to present the exhibition “Miami Wave” curated by Miami artist Sergio Garcia. Miami has since been promoted by Spanish and Latin American culture by means of a steady program of art exhibits,literature, film, theater, music and the humanities. It has evolved in tandem with demographic changes and the ever-growing cultural dynamism of Miami.

©The Cuban Art Project-Sergio Garcia (Center) at Miami International Art Fair 2011 Left: Antonio Guerrero

During the these four days, the center will become a meeting point for participation and exchange. In support of Art Naples mission to highlight the dynamic world of the art and culture from Miami, I have inlisted 12 galleries with 16 artists to exhibit. Also, for the first time in the art fair industry, we will assemble a “live web cam” art talk titled:”are we on the same wave”? A live broadcast Miami / Naples meeting of the minds, tailoring the making of Miami’s 1st Biennale to be scheduled in 2012.
The “Talk” moderator in Naples shall be led by Miami Biennale’s chief director, Jorge Gutierrez and in Miami at the Biennale’s headquarters. The 25,000 sq.ft Dorissa building in Wynwood. Led by Miami Biennale’s founder Milagros Maldonado and director Ariana Testamarck Orellana. Afterwards, both recorded materials will be edited and sent to You Tube, Vernissage T.V., etc.

Sergio Garcia presents a wave of work that has been brought about through a dialogue among the arts with a preview of some of todays “Best Of” Miami contemporary art. This show, as the curator says: “is only the tip of the ice-berg.”

From painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, objects and installation. This show will captivate us with their beauty and outstandind quality.

Artist: Alejandro Mendoza Title: "Innocent Puddle" Medium: ink & acrylic Dimensions: 48 in x 72 in

Participating artists: Edouard Duval-Carrie, Angel Vapor, Andres Michelena, Ciro Quintana, Alejandro Mendoza, Phillip Ross Munro, Lillim Cuenca, Onajide Shabaka, Octavio Cuellar, Antonio Alonso, Mariano Costa Peuser, Jose “Tonito” Rodriguez, Luis Delgado, John La Huis, Sergio Garcia, Andres Ferrandi, Maria Font.

Participating galleries and institutions: Miami Biennale Foundation,Bernice Steinbaum Gallery, Aldo Castillo Gallery, Hardcore Gallery, Black Square Gallery, Kavachnina Contemporary, Dina Mitrani Gallery, Seth Jason Beitler Gallery, Art Lab 33, Space 4004, LMNT Contemporary Art.

For more lecture information, participant biographies and programming updates please visit the Art Naples website or call 239.949.5411.

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