The Cuban Art Project has been officially presented to City of Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado

The Cuban Art Project would like to thanks Mayor  Tomas Regalado for his continuing effort  to cherish  the arts in Miami , and  for preserving  our Cuban Heritage.

Leticia del Monte Co-Founder TCAP, Gloria Diliz Board of Directors TCAP, Mayor Tomas Regalado and Antonio Guerrero Visual Artis and Co-Founder TCAP

The mission  of  The Cuban Art Project is to promote the work of Cuban artists around the world no matter where they reside and to document the  Cuban diaspora, exploring how traditional Cuban  arts evolves into fusion forms in the context of new countries and contemporary values.

It was founded  by Leticia del Monte & Antonio Guerrero in 2010 with the purpose of  serving  artists through in-depth consideration, presentation, and the publishing of critical writing; and to introduce this work into public contexts through exhibitions, screenings, performances, and educational programs.

Conmingo o en mi contra by Antonio Guerrero



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