William DeBilzan Exhibits at AVA Fine Arts @ Acoustic Architects

©William Debilzan

AVA Fine Art @ Acoustic Architects presents ArtistWilliam DeBilzan, March 12th, during Wynwood Artwalk, Miami. William DeBilzen is an extremely innovative Abstract Expressionist whose presence creates great waves in the art community.

The Cuban Art Project–  It is no mystery that the hardest challenge for any painter is the ability to connect with his or her audience.  DeBilzan achieves this connection intuitively and with a rare mastery.  People of all ages at home in the presence of DeBilzan’s color and mood.  In a sense, those who are drawn into DeBilzan’s work feel as if the painting was created solely for them, which often is the truth given large number of commissions he receives.

©William Debilzan

The unique style of William De Bilzan’s paintings relies heavily on this thoughtful compositions and masterful use of color.  The compositions themselves, on their literal surface, are at first complex given the wide variety of rich textures.  However,the juxtaposition of simplest figurative elements serves to provide the viewer with an effortless, yet refined resolution.  The straightforwardness used by DeBilzan in his compositions is even more apparent in the his choice of color.  His palette varies in its mood from warm, subtle, distinctions to cool, higher contrast shades reminiscent of the Caribbean.  The reds, yellows, greens and blues communicate a sense of innocence in purity while remaining bold and unashamed.

The most distinguishing feature of DeBilzan’s work is his figures.  They stand tall and thin and speak to the viewer with a relief that is in stark contrast to their surrounding textures.   Their presence in his paintings suggests the idea that life is far simpler than we make it.  Alone or in groups, the anonymous individuals communicate a sense of love, belonging, or longing to belong.

The ability for DeBilzan to connect with almost anybody through the uses of an image is poof of his success.  Accordingly, his work has been included in many popular television shows, such as Frasier, Just Shoot Me, and Spin City.  He has been the obvious choice for such sitcoms because of his work’s coherent ability to connect with any member of the audience in some way.  DeBilzan’s constant creative work ethic and his extremely attractive paintings and sculptures have made him one of the most sought out artists of our time.

AVA Fine Art is also to home to resident artists Jen Haley, Kurt Merkel, Troy Simmons, and Christina Major.

AVA is committed to supporting local and international emerging and midcareer artists  through groups and solo exhibitions.  Works will include sculture, metal work, unique materials, digital art, photography and multimedia.  AVA also serves as a backdrop to a variety of social and charitable events.

AVA Fine Art @ Acoustic Architects 271 NW 23rd Street Miami, FL 33127 954-288-0180

AVA Fine Art @ Acoustic Architects is a continuring exhibition of contemporary artwork in Wynwood Miami. AVA is committed to featuring local and international emerging and midcareer artists. Works will include sculpture, digital art, photography, abstract art, metal work, mixed media, and digital art. AVA is hosted by Acoustic Architects which is a highend home automation company focusing are smart homes. Automated lights, sound, and windows.


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