Contemporary Cuban Painter Antonio Guerrero continues to increase his name recognition and fan base with a strong internet presence and Artfairs presentations.

Se trata de ser invisible a la hora de cazar presented by Aldo Castillo Gallery Art Sarasota

April 1, 2011 Miami, Florida (TCAP) — This past month Antonio  Guerrero was invited by Aldo Castillo Gallery to participate in two important Art Fairs in Southwest Florida.

Art Naples, a dynamic event   presenting over 45 international art dealers and special exhibitions from Europe, Latin America, United States, Asia as well as leading Southwest Florida contemporary dealers representing over 1200 works of art by 300 artists spanning both 20th and 21st century and Art Sarasota aboard the SeaFair The Mega Yacht Venue were a record 18,000 visitors attended  innovative venue.

Conmigo o en Mi Contra by Antonio Guerrero


Antonio Guerrero began his career more than two decades ago with a one-man show at a temporary gallery space in Africa. A group of friends  purchased all of his paintings. He  has since hosted more than 30 exhibitions. Guerrero interprets the idea of surreal art in most, if not all, of his works of art. Not only does he interpret surrealism in the majority of his pieces, he paints with his heart on the brush in all of his paintings.

Guerrero is an autodidact, but learned at an early age Jung’s Theory  of  universal unconscious   that all people possess an innate knowledge and understanding of images.

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