U.S. Census Bureau 2010: Facts about Cuban-Americans


U.S. Census Bureau 2010: Facts about Cuban-Americans

The Cuban Art Project-April 15, 2011-  According to the U. S Census Bureau 2010  Cuban-Americans have acquired an enormous amount of wealth and  prosperity in an extremely short period of time; no other immigrant group  has achieved this as quickly as the Cubans. Many immigrants have never achieved it at all, despite being in this country far longer than  Cubans.

Second-generation Cuban-Americans were more educated than even Anglo-Americans. More than 26.1 % of second-generation Cuban-Americans had a bachelor’s degree or better versus 20.6% of Anglos. Thus Cuban-Americans in 1997 were approximately 25% more likely to have a college degree than Anglos. Other Hispanic groups lag far behind. Only 8.1% of South Americans had a bachelor’s or better. Puerto Ricans, despite being U.S. citizens by birth, recorded a disappointing 11%; Mexicans only 7%. In 1997, 55.1% of second-generation Cuban-Americans had an income greater than $30,000 versus 44.1% of Anglo- Americans.

Thus Cuban-Americans are approximately 20%  more likely to earn more than $30,000 than their Anglo-American  counterparts. All other Hispanic groups lag far behind in average  income.

In 1997, 36.9% of second-generation Cuban-Americans had an income  greater than $50,000 versus 18.1% of Anglo- Americans. Cuban-Americans were  twice as likely to earn more than $50,000. Also, approximately 11% of Cuban-Americans had incomes greater than $100,000 versus 9% of Anglo-Americans, and less than 2% of other Hispanics. Cubans comprise less than 4% of the U.S. Hispanic population, Mexicans 65%,  Puerto Ricans  10%,  Central and South Americans 11%, and “others “Yet of the top 100 richest Hispanics in the U.S. more than 50% are of Cuban descent (ten times what it should be on a population basis)  and 38% of Mexican descent.  The rest is scattered among all other Hispanic groups.

Yo soy Gallo, guitarra, machete by Antonio Guerrero

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