Miguel Rodez “Imagining Liberation”

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Much of his recent work is influenced by his concern for the protection of human rights.  The series “Imagining Liberation” is the product of that influence.  At one time or another, we have each felt trapped by a set of circumstances, be they political, religious, laboral, or even a bad marriage.  This series is created from the perspective of someone who feels trapped and daydreams of the day when the chains of oppression will break – resulting in liberation.  Because they are part of a daydream, he  has sought to give the paintings a certain otherworldly quality, where chains neither look like nor behave as good chains do in the real world.

Miguel Rodez’s personal interest in the arts encompasses both art creation and art selection. As far as art selection is concerned, Mr. Rodez served as Chair of Miami’s Art in Public Places Trust during the 1990s. As such, he participated in the selection of artists for major public art projects in Miami Dade County, including projects for the Arscht Performing Arts Center, MetroRail and Miami International Airport. In that post, Mr. Rodez selected renowned international artists, including Cuban artists such as Jose Bedia and Cundo Bermudez.

Miguel Rodez’s interest in art creation goes back to his childhood when he studied the works of the Great Masters on his own. He was admitted to the New York High School of Art and Design in 1972, where he attended for a brief stint and later took Art and Art History courses at the University of Miami in the early 1980s.

In creating his artworks, Miguel Rodez utilizes a variety of media as a vehicle to express his ideas or simply to evoke a mood from the viewer. He founded Herencia magazine for the Cuban National Heritage organization in 1995 and founded CABA Briefs magazine for the Cuban American Bar Association in 1997, both of which included some of his design aesthetics. More recently, one of his giant inflatable sculptures was exhibited at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden in August 2010, and in September 2010, it was also exhibited at the Dominican Republic’s Fine Arts Palace FIART. Another of his giant sculptures will be unveiled later in 2011. During 2010, his documentary photography work was featured in the Summer and Winter editions of IRREVERSIBLE Magazine and exhibited at Kavashnina Contemporary Gallery in Miami.

He designed two book covers during 2010 [The Execution of Justice, 2nd ed. and The Jockey’s Justice]. His painting work was exhibited at Independent Thinkers Show during Art Basel week in Miami in December 2010 and during May 2011, he had a solo show featuring his paintings at Coral Gables’ Domingo Padron Gallery.

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