Sammer Gallery Exhibiting the Artwork of Rómulo Aguerre a Pioneer of Geometric Photography

Rómulo Aguerre was born in Montevideo on May  30, 1919 2 and lived the early years of  is life in the mythical  Barrio Sur.  Aguerre is a singular artist within the landscape of Uruguayan plastic arts, a pioneer of geometric abstract photography both in Uruguay and all over Latin America.

Romulo Aguerre Composition 1956 26 x 35 cm photocomposition on paper

“I believe that any plastic art that reproduces daily things fails at the level of imagination. […] The camera is for the photo artist what the brushes are for the painter, the typewriter is for the novelist and the piano is for the composer”

Guitarra en pentagrama, 1954

The Forms of Light

Sammer Gallery 

82 NE 29th Street
Wynwood Art District
Miami, Florida 33137 USA
Tel 1: +1-305-441-2005
Tel 2: +1-305-576-1995
Mon – Fri: 10 am – 6 pm

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