Consuelo Castaneda is presenting during Art Basel Week at The Chill Concept @Hardcore Contemporary Art Space the installation “Homage to Gego”, that was exhibited during her personal exhibition ” For Rent” at Americas Society in NYC from May 17-July 30, 2011. Curated by Yasmeen Siddiqui and Gabriela Rangel.

A veil spiral inward toward the room´s center. This form, its materiality and construction, references Fibonacci (1170-1250), Wentzel Jamnitzer (1508-1585), Johannes Kepler (1571-1630), and Buckminster Fuller ( 1895-1983). Draping over this anatomical shape is a geometric configuration made out of drinking straws, representing Castanedas re- reading of Gegos´ Reticulárea, which was originally commissioned for this same gallery in 1969.

Appropriation is a strategy Castaneda uses frequently. For this project, she decided to cite this particular installation, originally made out of aluminum and steel. Gego experimented with de-centering forms in the context of kinetic art and spatial practices. Castaneda identifies this critical moment in post-war art making as especially relevant, and restages Gego´s structure in an attempt to continue this line of inquiry by repositioning the Reticulárea as a central figure in the modernist canon. Furthemore, Castaneda aims to evoke a complexity of issues embedded in the field of genetic research, focusing on the research of Crick & Watson (1953) and subsequent developments made in the breakdown and study of DNA.

At this time, Consuelo is offering a VJ session in collaboration with musician Jorge Almarales, DJ Mariano Cucchiara and other visual artists images.

Special tanks to all Consuelo’s friends, that helped in the development of this project.

Described by Joseph Kosuth as a post-postmodern artist, Consuelo Castaneda undoubtedly left her mark on the Cuban art of the 1980s, the so-called “prodigious decade.” Castañeda is gifted with a highly analytical mind, which she put to use in her artistic works. As professor at the Instituto Superior de Arte in Havana, she was a pivotal figure in Cuba until her emigration to Mexico, and then Miami,

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