Pan American Art Projects Presents Urbanitas

Tony Berlant New York 1992 mixed media on metal on wood 124 x 91 inches


December 10, 2011 – February 4, 2011Opening reception Saturday, December 10  2-9 pm during Wynwood Gallery Walk featuring urban landscapes by:

  Gusavo Acosta       Luis Cruz Azaceta     Tony Berlant        Luis Enrique Camejo

Carlos Estevez                Carlos Gallardo            Gory             Santiago Porter            Magnus Sigurdarson         Tracey Snelling

Video Room: Gian Paolo Minelli

Pan American Art Projects is pleased to announce the opening of Urbanitas, a collective exhibition of contemporary artists whose work has being inspired by cities and urban life. Cities are, by definition, the epitome of civilization. They are a human creation where people live, work, dream and die. Cities are the hubs of activity, the places that define us as social beings. So it is not a surprise that traditionally they have been the source of inspiration for artists. In this exhibition we explore the way contemporary artists see their relationship with cities in a variety of ways; the unifying factor is that they are looking at the city not as a concept but as a real entity, as a dynamic space in which life goes on. 

Please click here for directions to the gallery

Please note that the gallery will be closed December 22 – January 2 for the holidays

2450 NW 2nd Avenue  Miami, FL 33127

t: 305.573.2400   f: 305-573-0720

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