Majestic Properties Presents an Art Exhibit by Cuban American Artist Miguel Rodez


When not creating art, my work relates to human rights issues.  Like art, the human rights field is an endeavor that is near and dear to my heart.  Some are able to glean how my career choice percolates into my artwork.  In my painting series Imagining Liberation for example, I delve into the world of daydreams from the perspective of people who feel trapped in some way.  In a sense, we are all trapped at one time or another, if not always.  The constrictions that we endure may be physical, political, religious, laboral or social.  It doesn’t matter.  It is the dream that interests me – the aspiration of freedom; the point where at least one link of the chain that binds the dreamers breaks and leads to the hope of liberation.  I manipulate negative elements associated with repression – a chain – and turn it into a positive concept – freedom – by breaking it.  Because I am representing a dream and not manufacturing a chain one could find at a wharehouse, the links that I produce cease to be the gripping darkness that chains symbolize and become magically sensual organic forms that no longer look or behave like a real chain.  Such usage of negative and positive elements seeps into even some of my most abstract work.  Although some may find my output subjectively attractive, my objective is not to create pretty things to match anyone’s couch, but to entice people think about their lives, about the world that we live in and about what can be done to achieve the inner liberation that we all crave deeply though we may choose to supress for the sake of conformity.


Feb 2012 Coral Gables Museum Plaza,

                                Participating artist, Art in the Breezeway

                                Monumental Inflatable Sculpture Lucky Link

                                Coral Gables, Florida

Jan 2012  Coral Gables Museum Plaza

                                Featured Artist, Art in the Breezeway

                                Sculpture, painting, drawing and photography

                                Coral Gables, Florida


Dec 2011 Giants in the City

                                Monumental inflatable sculpture Velocity

                                Art Basel Week satellite show

                                Bayfront Park, Downtown Miami Florida

Nov 2011                Sleepless Nights,

                                  Large scale sculptural installation regarding ecology: Man vs. Nature

                                Catalina Hotel Complex, Miami Beach, Florida

Sep 2011 Painting Group Exhibit

                                Sunset Fine Art Gallery, South Miami, Florida

May 2011 Imagining Liberation

                                Solo painting exhibit

                                Domingo Padron Gallery, Coral Gables, Florida


Apr 2011                 Oriental Focus, photography

                                Sunset Fine Art Gallery, South Miami, FL

Mar 2011 Miami Wave, Art-Naples Contemporary Art Fair

                                Naples International Pavilion, Naples, Florida


Dec 2010 Art Basel Week, photography and painting

                                Miami Independent Thinkers Show,

                                Wynnwood Art District, Miami, Florida


Dec 2010 Photographs published in art magazine

                                Publication, Irreversible Art Magazine, International


Oct 2010  USCIS Hispanic Heritage Celebration, paintings

                                Brickell District, Miami, Florida

Sep 2010 International Art Fair [FIART], sculpture Lucky Link

                                Fine Arts Palace, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Aug 2010 Giants in the City, sculpture Lucky Link

                                Miami Beach Botanical Garden, Miami Beach, Florida


Aug 2010 YouTube Video, Giants in the City, sculpture Lucky Link

                                Miami Beach Botanical Garden, Miami Beach, Florida


Jul 2010   Kavachnina Contemporary Gallery, Photography

                                Wynnwood, Miami, Florida

Jun 2010 Photographs published in art magazine

                                Publication, Irreversible Art Magazine, International


Feb 2010                 Book Cover photography and design completed

                                The Jockey’s Justice by Michael Phelps

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