The Lunch Box Gallery Presents Iphoneography Updated Visual Dialogs

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The Lunch Box Gallery, in collaboration with iPhoneographer Jaime Ferreyros, is pleased to invite you to the second Gallery Walk of the out-of-the-box photography show iPhoneography: Updated Visual Dialogs, this Saturday April 14th from 7 to 10 pm at 310 NW 24th St. Miami, Fl 33127.  For those who want to come earlier that day, we will be open since noon (12 pm).

About the show…

It’s undeniable: iPhoneography, understood as the creative process of taking and editing pictures with the Apple’s iPhone, is everywhere; and nowadays, there are more and more people recognizing this device as a valid camera within the Photography art form. Regardless if it can be accepted as an outlet for the artist or more of a user-oriented medium, mobile photography has become one of the most democratic activities of image-taking. For this show, The Lunch Box Gallery is aiming to explore the social phenomenon of iPhoneography as a personal tool globally used to generate visual content, be shared and therefore, communicate. Here, the images many times meticulously conceived, some others more intuitively taken – yet all intentionally post-produced – are intended as narrative mirrors of the user’s everyday life; a visual diary of the individual that can become an open book to their interests, curiosities, ideas, intimacy or even artistic take.


As an enabler for creative communication, iPhoneography has become a new medium for massive dialog, where images taken and edited with the iPhone are openly shared, sometimes instantly and some other times preceded by a complex creative process; regardless, is unquestionable that all of these images project a part of the user’s self, and where issues of immediacy, portability, publicness, comfort, creation and creativity within arm’s reach, or obsession with self-expression and storage play a big role and are some of the topics to think about today’s societies.

The exhibition iPhoneography: Updated Visual Dialogs as a whole will be an integral, heterogeneous and diverse expression of that avalanche of pixels that are being registered and shared in modern times; yet, every picture in the show becomes a small window, a glimpse of the iPhoneographer’s updated vision, sensitivity and everyday life. This innovative show is intended to be a raw and free-flow representation of the iPhoneography movement, and is inspired by Chase Jarvis famous quote “The Best Camera is the One That’s With You” ™.

Here is an introductory video of the show:

Opening of
Opening of “iPhoneography Updated Visual Dialogs” at The Lunch Box Gallery

After a call for entries, a submission of a maximum of 3 images per applicant was required. The gallery guaranteed automatic acceptance of all applicants to be featured in the gallery, joining this sincere representation of the massive use of the medium; yet, at least 1 out of 3 photographs by every applicant was printed and hanged on the wire.

iPhoneography: Updated Visual Dialogs inaugurated on March 10th and ends on May 5th, 2012. Regular business hours: Tuesday to Friday 11am – 5pm, and Saturday from 12pm – 5pm.
iPhone christian
Participating iPhoneographers in no particular order:Adelino Marques,Agent 7,Agustin Rivera,Aida Tejada,Ale Di Gangi,Allison Pistohl,Amo Passicos,Amy Leibrand,Andrew B. White,Andy Chapman,Andy Royston,Annette Jaret,
John Atchley,Aric Attas,Barbara Gentry,Kerryn Benbow,Kaitlin Brewer,Nancy Capra,Cecil Gresham,Christopher Swink,Cindy Patrick,James Clarke,Collette Broeders,Consuelo Di Carlo,Jeylhic Contreras,Federica Corbelli,Paul Cutright,Tracy Cristal,Dafna Steinberg,Daniel Berman,Daniela Apeloig,David Schuster,Dayana Pintaluga,Francesca De Paolis,Devon Bovey,Karen Divine,Edina Herold,Eleanore Macnish,ReCal El Ectro,Elizabeth Grilli,Eliana Alvarez,Daniel Elliott,EM,Frederick Espy,Jennifer Ford,Jody Frost,Jacqueline Gaines,Jan Gelinder,Stuart Gibson,Gilberto Salazar,Benjamin Goubly,Janine Graf,Hans Borghorst,Vivi Hanson,Mel Harrison,Heidi Sandecki,Michael Hill,Irene Shaina Teo,Isamari Fuentes,Janelle Fernandez,Janna Kyllastinen,Jen Pollack Bianco,Jennifer Bracewell,Jessica Bodoutchian,Joanne Barsanti,Jose Margulis,Kate B Mason,Kim Martino,Laura Vasile-Peischl,Lauren Davis,Lea Zimany,Lene Basma,Lindsey Thompson,Lynette Jackson,M. Foster,Maddy McCoy,Anthony Maldonado,Marc Sirinsky,Marlene Lopez,MaryJane Sarvis,Ryan Mayott,Bart McLeroy,Stephanie Menjivar,Michael DeAngelis,MissPixels,Mitch Eckert,Kevin Moore,Ketty Mora,Nate Parks,Elaine Nimmo,Osher Levi,Bryan Pahia,Paul J Toussaint,Christian Peacock,Maria Pereira,Phillip Bishop,Catalina Piedrahita,Rana Young,Reed Johnson,Ren Albon,Catherine Restivo,Ricardo Gomez,Rik Perez,Robert Herold,Lisa Rockford,Rod,Roger Guetta,Rudy Vogel,Sallie Oliver Jackson,Sandra Pfeifer,Dreux Sawyer,Sergio Fagundo,Jeanette Serrat,Michal Shavit,Shelly Yoga,Shirley Drevich,Sita Mae Edwards,Laura Snyder,Sunflower Faraldo,Susan Thompson,Suzan Mikiel,Kimberly Taylor,Terri Pakula,Tracy Thomas,Tony DeMartile,Trent Lawrence LeClaire,Paula Turk,Valeria Watson-Doost,Lisa Waddell,Wendy Garfinkel-Gold,Wendy Doscher-Smith,Wes Kline,William Perez,Zachary Brown.
The Lunch Box Gallery

310 NW. 24th St. Miami, FL 33127

The Lunch Box Gallery is a small but vibrant and cutting edge gallery founded in February of 2011 and located in the Wynwood Art District of Miami. Its mission is to show and support the work of emerging regional, national and international artists of all media, with a particular emphasis on contemporary photography and its new trends; and where forms like conceptual, fine art, documentary and mixed media photography are subjects of exploration.

Since its foundation, The Lunch Box Gallery has started to become a highly recognized space among artist/photographers, critics, professors, scholars, photography lovers, students and important art press, for bringing a deeper appreciation and perceptiveness of contemporary photography, giving voice to unique art works not only in technique and craftsmanship, but as well as in concept, message and creative take. The Lunch Box Gallery is proud to be acknowledged for its outstanding thematic shows and meticulous selection of photographers from around the world; revealing thoughtful content and always pursuing the novelty of the art form.

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