Baltus Icon Award for Excellence in Design Honors Sofia Joelsson of Sojo Design

Sofia Joelsson accepting the Baltus Icon Award of Excellence

MIAMI BEACH, Florida 2012- The Cuban Art Project-On Thursday, April 12, high-end furniture and interior design firm, Baltus, hosted a private award ceremony to Honor Sofia Joelsson the second recipient of the Baltus Icon Award for Excellence in Design.

Sofia Joelsson and Antonio Guerrero Co-Founder of The Cuban Art Project

Baltus’ awards program, the “Baltus Icon Award for Excellence in Design” has been created to honor designers and design firms who have made a significant and creative impact on the world of design in their community and the industry.

Irwin Cadena, Sofia Joelsson and Antonio Cabrera

  SoJo Design

Ten years ago, Sofia Joelsson – a Swedish native – came to America to pursue her passion for interior decorating.  Today her company, SoJo Design LLC – headquartered in trendy South Beach (Miami, FL) – has exclusive clientele in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Monte Carlo, and St. Tropez.  SoJo Design’s appeal has been so successful that it has become commonplace for the firm to design three or four homes around the world for the same client.

The company is known for having a very hands-on approach to interior design.  A boutique firm of seven people, they are personally connected to every assignment from start to finish.  At the infancy of every project, the Design Team will gather to discuss the client’s needs and desires.  Once a clear vision has been established the members of SoJo Design peruse their CD collection to find a suitable generator for a design concept.  For this cutting-edge group of designers music becomes an eighth member of the team.

Baltus Miami is located at 3935 N. Miami Ave., Design District, 305.575.2620.

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