International Art Fair Director Launches New Venture During Miami’s Art Basel Week .

ArtSpot Miami 2012

Hosted by Red Dot Art Fair, Dec 5- 9, 2012


Opening Reception, Tuesday, December 4, 6 – 10 pm

Benefiting the National Gay & Lesbian Task Force

Wednesday, December 5, 11 am to 7 pm

Thursday, December 6, 11 am to 8 pm

Friday, December 7, 11 am to 8 pm

Saturday, December 8, 11 am to 8 pm

Sunday, December 9, 11 am to 6 pm


Wynwood Art District

3011 NE 1st Avenue at NE 31st Street, Miami FL, 33137


Day Pass $15.00

Opening Reception and Week Pass $25.00

The Cuban Art Project- Miami – October 23, 2012— International Art Fair Director Launches New Venture During Miami’s Art Basel Week .

With a portfolio built on success as an international art fair director, Aldo Castillo has set his sights on Art Basel Miami Beach for his latest project. Read report on the news Miami New Times.

The venerable art dealer and curator who founded and operated the Aldo Castillo Gallery in Chicago (1993-2010), the Aldo Castillo Arts Foundation (ACAF, 2003-2010) and the ARTEahora Art Fair in Chicago (2008-2010), has during the past three years carved a superlative record of providing American, Latin American and European galleries successful opportunities to launch their programs to international markets.

In 2011-12 he served as the Associate Director of the American Pavilion at the Shanghai Art Fair (China), and The Latin American Pavilion & the International Wing at the ART Shanghai, (China). Prior to these accomplishments he distinguished himself as the Director of MIA – Miami International Art Fair in January of 2011.

For his latest endeavor Castillo will participate in this year’s Art Basel Week, in Midtown Miami, the heart of South Florida’s burgeoning arts district with ArtSpot Miami 2012, an exclusive showcase of four galleries and projects chosen by the curator to be hosted at the 6th edition of the Red Dot Art Fair taking place December 5th-9, 2012.

Castillo’s micro-fair within the Red Dot Art Fair, will serve as a genesis for the curator’s concept of establishing a stand-alone fair in the future and as a vehicle to expand his curatorial platform. Red Dot, which is undergoing its own unprecedented expansion and will feature 75 solo artist booths and 70 gallery spaces, has given Castillo’s project pride of place by hosting ArtSpot Miami at the pavilion’s entrance.

Red Dot Art Fair’s prime location adjacent to Art Miami and next to Scope and Art Asia makes Midtown and Wynwood the most visited areas and home to the majority of satellite fairs running concurrently during Art Basel Miami Beach, which draws upwards of 50,000 international visitors during the hemisphere’s premier winter arts confab.

Castillo has designed ArtSpot to be a catalyst for fine galleries, dealers and artists to have the chance to access the global art market that gathers in Miami during Art Basel Week.

For this novel, and innovative venture into the ABMB circuit, Castillo has formed a cultural partnership with Chicago’sPerimeter Gallery, the Intrepid Gallery from Vero Beach, Florida, and the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art (LACDA) from California.

To further integrate the conceptual rigor of his vision, Castillo has invited solo artist, Luisa Elena Betancourt from Venezuela, whose project is inspired by animal conservation and the need for greater responsibility regarding the ecological stewardship of our planet.

Under Castillo’s helm, ArtSpot will host more than 80 artists producing works that range from traditional to new media techniques in painting, photography, sculpture, and digital art.

“Castillo’s singular expertise has surely transformed Art Shanghai with his curatorial vision for cultural exchange uniting galleries and providing opportunities for economic development,” said Alvaro Cirillo, Founder & Director for the Latin American Pavilion, Art Shanghai, who adds that the curator’s keen curatorial eye and adroit business acumen will deliver a fresh dimension to South Florida’s December art fair circuit.

“My commitment to ArtSpot will be the application of my many years of experience in order to make the project a unique, contemporary platform for the world of collecting and exhibiting art,” vows Aldo Castillo.

Employing a bold approach to social networking coverage using journalistic mediums to promote and document the fair at profounder levels, Castillo also offers a focused platform where galleries, artists and art aficionados convene to showcase their deep appreciation for the arts.

“Given the current world market fluctuations and ever expanding nature of the art fair business model, my mission is to maximize art fair exposure and productivity to forward thinking galleries and artists in top global markets such as China and the U.S.,” Castillo adds.


Aktinos Gallery / Paris, France

Tali Almog / Aventura, FL

Galeria Isabel Anchorena / Buenos Aires, Argentina

Anna Art Gallery / Ontario, Canada

Anographics / Santa Clara, CA

Artisan Direct, Ltd. / Cleveland, OH

Axiom Contemporary / Santa Monica, CA

Galerie Baobab / Bogotá, Colombia

Carole Beauvais / Québec, Canada

Benitez Fine Art / Coral Gables, FL

George Billis Gallery / Los Angeles, CA

C. McSilver / New York, NY

Nahila Campos / Miami, FL

Aldo Castillo Projects / Estero, FL

Klara Chavarria / Coral Gables, FL

CK Contemporary / San Francisco, CA

Coplan Projects / Boca Raton, FL

Coral Canyon Publishing / Los Angeles, CA

The Salvador Dali Society / Torrance, CA

Daria de Koning Fine Jewelry / New York, NY

Eastpointe Contemporary / Palm Beach Gardens, FL

C.D. Edwards Studio / Brentwood, MD

Lina Eichenwald / Coral Gables, FL

Ekaterina Elagina / Stavropolskiy, Russia

Klaus Enrique Projects / New York, NY

JAG Fine Art / Philadelphia PA

JJ Beaume / Neuilly-sur-Seine, France

Kips Gallery / New York, NY

Joan Konkel / Washington, DC

Charon Kranson Arts / New York, NY

Kyonggi University / Seoul, Korea

L Street Fine Art / Rancho Santa Fe, CA

The Los Angeles Center for Digital Art / Los Angeles, CA

Robert Langford Fine Art / Charlotte, NC

Bruce Lurie Gallery / Los Angeles, CA

Mecenavie / Morsang sur Orge, France

Mousa Fine Art / Atlanta, GA

Anne Neilson Fine Art / Charlotte, NC

Jesse Newman / Secaucus, NJ

Nihal Art Studio / Bethesda, MD

No Gallery / Los Angeles, CA

Leslie M. Nolan / Herndon, VA

Onishi Project / New York, NY

Orley Shabahang / New York, NY

Nick Paciorek / Providence, RI

Perimeter Gallery / Chicago, IL

Pippin Contemporary / Santa Fe, NM

Carlo Giuseppe Proietto / Foggia, Italy

Prominent Art / Estero, FL

Pyramid Interior Design / Miami, FL

RDZ Fine Art / Coral Gables, FL

Duane Reed Gallery / St. Louis, MO

Rouchon-Schmoll / Madrid, Spain

Jane Sauer Gallery / Santa Fe, NM

Donna Schneier Fine Arts / Manalapan, FL

Rhona LK Schonwald / Fulton, MD

Sherry’s / Boca Raton, FL

Shinkle Fine Art, LLC / Detroit, MI

Simard Bioldeau Galerie / Québec, Canada

So101 / Levallois, France

SOFI-ART / New York, NY

Song’s Gallery / Seoul, Korea

Soohoh Gallery / Gyeonggi-Do, Korea

Jacques Soussana Fine Art Gallery / Jerusalem, Israel

Studio 26 Gallery / New York, NY

Susi Q / New York, NY

Up Art and Design Gallery / Naples, FL

Yvel / New York, NY

Jeff Zachmann / Fergus Falls, MN

Zoom Gallery / Seoul, Korea

EUART / Florence, Italy – New York, NY

Feral Fine Art / Alberta, Canada

Hans Feyerabend / Miami, FL

Simcha Firer / Lakeland, FL

Gallery Art / Aventura, FL

Gallery Edel / Osaka, Japan

Golkar Studio / Agoura, CA

Galerie Frédéric Got / Paris, France

Kevin Grass / Tarpon Springs, FL

Christian Hohmann Fine Art / Palm Desert, CA

IK Art International / New York, NY

International Contemporary Masters / Santa Barbara, CA

Intrepid Art Gallery / Vero Beach, FL

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