Antonio Guerrero’s Current Exhibitions.

Antonio Guerrero and Floy The Rock artist at US Century Bank.Coral Gables Gallery Night March, 2013-39

Down the River

US Century Bank
3001 Ponce De Leon Blvd Coral Gables, FL 33134
(305) 448-5557

Passion Red Miguel Rodez Art Exhibit-Photos by The Cuban Art Project-22

Antonio Guerrero with Leticia del Monte during the opening reception of Passion Red.  Paining: Leda & the Swan. ©2011 Antonio Guerrero.


on Red

Miguel Rodez Art Projects
Bird Road Art District,
4229 SW 75 Ave, Second Floor.
Miami FL 33155

The exhibition,  focus on the colour in all its many aspects. “Red is the color of passion. This color is charged with energy and refuses to be ignored. It is associated with love, hate, violence, war, politics and other things that get the blood boiling. See what a great group of artists can do with the passion of Red. This is not a show that features artwork because it just happens to contain some red. In this show, Red shows its passion. It is the protagonist, the vehicle of expression, the chariot that gets the message across. “,  says Miguel Rodez, the exhibit’s curator.

Flirt II. Celebrating the human form.

Karen Ledbetter Galleries
760 NE 44th Street,
Oakland Park, Fl 33334

Karen Ledbetter Galleries  strive to present key examples of local South Florida artists and artists with international acclaim. The gallery is a dynamic art center where visitors can learn, reflect, be inspired, purchase & collect incredible art.

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