Esteban Leyva


Miami, Fl April 25, 2013 The Cuban Art Project/ Esteban Leyva, Artist selected to exhibit in Taste of Cuba Festival Art walk exhibition.  Esteban Leyva born in  La Havana Cuba 1957, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts of San Alejandro, Havana, Cuba also Graduated from the Higher Institute of Art(ISA), Bachelor of Mural Painting In  1981–1993 it was Professor and Head,Department of Painting and Composition of the National Art School (ENA), Havana, Cuba

Esteban Leyva has participated in 16 solo exhibitions and 48 collective exhibitions from throughout the world and his work is included in selected private collections from Cuba, Canada, Australia, Turkey, Greece, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Egypt, Spain, USA, France, Argentina, Chile, Italy, Hungary, Mexico, Uruguay, Finland, Netherlands, Panama, Colombia and Portugal.

Artist Statement

I am an artist involved in reflecting daily life in my work; life that is in constant motion and never boring; I express an overwhelming load of positive emotions, but also doubts, mysteries, etc. My work, like life itself, is diverse, expansive in colors and shapes, and not boring.

Despite what people may think, the influence of the US culture on Havana has always been kept alive. The city, more so when I was born, and strongly coming back today, was full of luminescent lights, advertisements, luxury cars, big hotels, and hundreds of different architectural shapes to be found all over the city.

Abstract Art is the most sincere and pure expression of art. Abstraction, pure or figurative, is, probably, the ideal expression of art. I really believe that any artistic expression is an abstraction from reality per se. At the end, if an abstraction is pure, only the concept and its beauty remain. All ties it had to reality, once concluded, tend to disappear.

I have been blessed. Living on a beautiful tropical Island, and despite certain difficulties in life that I have not mentioned, I have so far had a wonderful life. And I am still at the beginning of what I am sure will be a very long and productive artistic life.

Obra: " AZUL TE QUIERO" 2012 ACRYLICS ON CANVAS 122X156 cms (48"x62")

Obra: ” AZUL TE QUIERO” 2012
122X156 cms (48″x62″)

Taste of Cuba Festival a culinary and cultural celebration of classical cuban food, coffee, drinks, art and music. The event will take place at the beautiful Miami River-walk, next to the Viceroy hotel, on Friday, April 26th through Sunday, April 28th, 2013.

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