Jose Orbein


©2013 Jose Orbein

Miami, Floria April 24, 2013-The Cuban Art Project-Born in La Habana, Cuba, Jose Orbein studied Graphic Design in Cuba at the School of Graphic Desing & later Printmaking at the artist union workshop (UNEAC) under master printer Roger Aguilar where he met Raimundo Garcia, Umberto Peña, and Raul Martinez. His early paintings and drawings were evocative of Abstract Expressionism, influenced by Roberto Matta.

In the late 1970′s, following travels through Cuba, Orbein emerged in his neighborhood of Cayo Hueso, La Habana with paintings that combined elements of gestural abstraction, drawing, and writing. He was the first Cuban artist to use graffiti-like marks or scribbles. This kind of graffiti was derived from urban centers and from the German’s New Realists, especially the work of Anselm Keifer and Cy Twombly as well as Robert Rauschenberg.

Orbein moved to the US in 1980. There his compositions became more elaborate and the paint surface denser and more textured. His paintings took on the look of Old Havana walls mixed with references to African in color and markings that often refer to the diasporas and literature of the continent. At once both epic and intimate, Orbein’s work is infused with references to literature and landscape, especially that of the Abakua Society.

His works are featured in private and public collections in countries like: Cuba, US, Italy, Germany, England, France, Bulgaria, Poland, Japan, India, Holand, Switzerland, Austria.


Sikande Wario Umon

Jose Orbein will be exhibition at Taste of Cuba Festival a culinary and cultural celebration of classical cuban food, coffee, drinks, art and music. The event will take place at the beautiful Miami Riverwalk, next to the Viceroy hotel, on Friday, April 26th through Sunday, April 28th, 2013.


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