Zeus Olivera @Taste of Cuba 2013


Zeus Olivera

Miami, Florida April 27, 2013 The Cuban Art Project- Zeus Olivera was born in Havana, Cuba in 1972. Graduated of Computer Developer from Florida National University in 2011. Actively living in Miami and working as a graphic designer.

Artist Statement

The concept of my work attempts to draw attention to the fact that technology is gaining more ground in our daily lives. The combination of organic and technological elements, neon colors and classic colors, stains gestures and clean lines are combined in an abstraction to explain, poetically, forms and ideas that are now part of our everyday life. Certain items that resemble electrical circuits or geometric shapes dominate the visual attention and tell stories that represent the struggle of culturally distinct social groups in which human consciousness mixed with technological intelligence. My art is intended as a critique of technological solutions incompatible with sustainable development and at the same time a celebration of diversity and ecological balance. My paintings are a kaleidoscope that is turned over and over again to find a door that opens a path to communicate with the viewer and make him think about the future.


Personal exhibitions

2004 “Juntos pero no revueltos.” Galiano Gallery. Havana. Cuba. 2002 “Classic and Contemporary.” Eijenart Gallery. Stralsund. Germany. “Vindication of Desire.” Space 304 Gallery. San Juan. Puerto Rico. 1999 “The Origin of the World.” SAP AG. Berlin. Germany.

Collective exhibitions

2008 “Short stories in color.” Mgomo Gallery. Miami, Florida. United States2005 Special guest. Expo Sale of Art in support to the Leonine Association for the Muscular Dystrophy, A.C., and the Mexican Red Cross. Poliforum Convention Center. Leon, Guanajuato. Mexico. 2002 “Influences Asia, Africa, the Caribbean.” Royal Commonwealth Society, London. England. 2001 “New art of Cuba.” Discoveries in Art, Gallerie Bonheur, for Society Latin American Art and Culture. Old Greenwich, Connecticut. United States. “Cuban Post medieval Painting.” Museum of the Americas. San Juan, Puerto Rico. “Hall of the City.” Provincial center of Plastic Arts and design. Havana. Cuba. “Echoes of Cuba.” The Golden Branch. Room of Latin American Art. Panama. IV National Aid World-wide Food Program in Action 2001. Center of Development of the Visual Arts. Havana. Cuba. 2000 “First Hall of Erotic Art.” The Acacia Gallery. Havana. Cuba. 1998 “Art 98.” Vancouver International Fair. Victor Manuel Gallery. Canada. 1997 “Contemporary Cuban Painting.” Giant Giaccinto academy. Naples. Italy. 1994 “Hall the Caribbean.” Provincial center of Plastic Arts and Design. Santiago de Cuba.

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