Alejandro Leyva @ Taste of Miami 2013

Alejandro Leyva Taste of Miami 2013

Contemporary Cuban Painter Alejandro Leyva. Leyva created the poster for the festival.


Alejandro Leyva is a Cuban-born painter based in Miami, Florida. He graduated from the Vocational School Luis Casas Romero in 1985 and attended the Academy of Fine Arts San Alejandro in Havana, Cuba specializing in painting in 1995.

He also received training in ceramics, design and photography in 1996.

Since then, Leyva has participated in 10 solo shows, and in 50 collective exhibitions from throughout the word and his work is included in selected private collections from countries such as Mexico, Panama, the U.S., Cuba, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Netherlands, France and Portugal.


The globalization is creatively depicted in my new line of work in which I am transitioning from working and living in Cuba to my new life in the U.S.,” said Alejandro Leyva in his artist’s statement for these 2013 Series.

Abstract expressionism has always been part of my work; it has been part of my being. I think there is nothing more pure and true to every artist than abstraction itself.  I have saturated the canvas abusing colors and using a variety of materials, which can only be seen when you look closely.

Acrylics, oils, crayons, construction materials- they are all mixed with aerosols making an explosion of textures, of light and shadows which will make the viewer see hidden imaginary shapes in their imagination.

This is the beauty of abstraction with its own language, my own passion that brings me back memories and emotions. Each one of my paintings has an anecdote behind, a spiritual experience, an inspiration. It’s liked a compromise reached by myself and my soul.” Alejandro Leyva, 2012

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