Law Passed After 9/11 Gives President Authority To Put U.S. Troops On The Ground Anywhere

‘Planned Bullyhood’ Author Shakes Up GOP Primary
Report: Republicans Altered Benghazi Emails
Bombing Outside Mosque Kills At Least 32 In Iraq
And Your New ‘American Idol’ Is …
Call of the Wild: 8 Offbeat Places to Connect with Nature
David Bromwich: Secrecy, Surveillance, and Public Safety
Three scandals have converged in the past week to preoccupy Congress and the press. Benghazi was the first to come, and it has surprised by its staying power. The abuse of power by the IRS may be, in the long run, the most damaging of these cases for the Obama presidency, but its outlines are only beginning to emerge. But the ugliest of the scandals has come from the revelation of the justice department’s seizure of two months of phone calls by 100 AP reporters. This was done to investigate the leak of a thwarted terrorist plot which the government itself had already decided to disclose in public. Different as they are, the scandals all point to a single disorder that afflicts the Obama White House and the Holder justice department. The name of the disorder is paternalism, and its leading symptoms are suppression and secrecy.
Sec. Kathleen Sebelius: What’s At Stake if the Health Law Is Repealed
Today, for nearly the 40th time since it’s been the law of the land, House Republicans staged yet another repeal vote in their latest attempt to turn back the clock on progress and deny Americans health insurance coverage they can count on.
Shelley Emling: 4 Social Faux Pas No One Over 50 Should Still Be Making
Just because you’ve been getting away with a social gaffe for decades doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stop making it. By the time you’re 50, you should know a thing or two — or 25 — about etiquette.
Michael Zakaras: The Case Against the Case Against Empathy
In our efforts to solve difficult social problems in particular, we rely too heavily on reason and numbers and econometrics, and not often enough on empathy. And by empathy I don’t just mean our emotions, and I certainly don’t mean feeling sorry — that’s sympathy.
Marlo Thomas: The Powerful Message Within Angelina Jolie’s Announcement
I was as stunned as everyone else by Angelina Jolie’s revelation on Tuesday that she’d had a double mastectomy to reduce her risk of developing breast cancer. That’s not only because one of the most famous women in the world had managed to keep such a dramatic secret under wraps for so long (although that is pretty amazing).

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