Oxemberg Fine Arts Presents A Photography Talk with Cesar Barroso Wednesday, July 17 7:00PM

Cesar Barroso - Fairchild Pond

Cesar Barroso, Pond [Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden], 2008, Inkjet Print 28″ x 36″

MIAMI, Florida July 9, 2013 The Cuban Art Project-Barroso will show his pictures of botanical ponds, shorelines and urban river fronts in Miami, Hawaii, Brazil and beyond –and share techniques for capturing the play of light upon water.

Cesar Barroso - Panorama from Watson Island

Cesar Barroso, Under the Bridge, 2008, Inkjet Print 36″ x 36″

View Barroso’s imagery alongside our current exhibition Pools of Light a selection of prints featuring water in its myriad forms –beach scenes, swimming pools, river views — by Slim Aarons, Damion Berger, EJ Camp, Kevin Cooley, David Drebin, Carole Feuerman, Josef Hoflehner, Vincent Laforet and Massimo Vitali.

Cesar Barroso (b. 1945 Rio de Janeiro) studied photography at the Brazilian Association of Fine Art Photography and as a private pupil of José Goes and Cesar Barreto, prominent Brazilian photographers who taught him skills in darkroom development, continuous lighting and large-format photography. He had visited the US more than 80 times before he moved to Miami in 1995. Barroso was a member of the Bakehouse Art Complex in Miami for five years, and has exhibited in galleries and museums in Brazil, Italy and the United States. His main subjects are landscapes, botanicals and architecture.

Oxenberg Fine Art
50 NE 29 Street
Miami, FL 33137


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