The Photography of Nicholas Berdysheff


Since an early age my life has been focused around art and the drive to create it. In my work, I combine my passion for photography and the skills of digital imaging techniques, in order to create a world that appears habitual, yet obviously an interpretation of the physical reality that encircles us. I begin with a concept in mind, yet I may not know exactly how the artworks will correspond with one another at the end. Because I like a high level of detail, I work very slowly, usually takes several weeks per piece.

I want the pieces I create to echo and resonate with the viewer. Many of my works are inspired by the fabulous range of textures and colors. Working with digital media allows for exploring many alternate paths for one artwork. In photography I don’t want to limit myself to one particular theme.

I take pictures of various genres – urban, portraits, nature, etc. Basically I do digital art and Motion Graphics I go in for photography because I like capturing things that interest me both from artistic and documentary sides it’s my choice of media to reflect the outer world.

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