Antonia Eiriz: A Painter and Her Audience

remote.jpg.ashx9/13/2013 – 11/17/2013

Antonia Eiriz: A Painter and Her Audience

MDC Museum of Art + Design

600 Biscayne Blvd. – Miami, FL

Opening Reception:
Thursday, September 12, 2013
7 p.m. – 9 p.m.

Antonia Eiriz (1929-1995) developed a highly personal style as a painter, boldly addressing themes such as the machinations of power, propaganda and human suffering in a manner suffused with wry metaphors, irony and dark humor. Her work was admired by and highly influential to a generation of Cuban artists in the 1960s, and she left a profound personal imprint on her many students in Cuba.

Her works are related to parallel developments in painting by American and European artists who explored surrogate motifs for the human figure such as Philip Guston and John Walker. The intensity of the surfaces she crafted provides an analog for human physical and emotional suffering, as in works by contemporaries Leon Golub and Nancy Spero. One can make a direct connection from Goya to Francis Bacon and Edvard Munch to Eiriz’s work, for their shared obsession with the fragility, moral ambiguity
and the darker aspects of human existence.

Antonia Eiriz: A Painter and her Audience will also include works by contemporary Cuban and Cuban-American artists whose remembrances and influences of Eiriz testify to the continued relevance of her contributions as a painter. Among thes are works by Luisa Basnuevo, Jose Adriano Buergo, Ana Albertina Delgado, Nereida Garcia-Ferraz, Glexis Novoa, Ana Mendieta, Sandra Ramos, Gladys Triana, and Tomas Sanchez.

A catalog with illustrations and texts by Janet Batet and Michelle Weinberg accompany the exhibition.

Organized by the MDC Museum of Art + Design, Antonia Eiriz: A Painter and Her Audience was curated by Michelle Weinberg.

Opening reception supported by Bartenura Moscato Wine and Brother Jimmy’s BBQ.


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