Dominican Born Artist Maximo Caminero Destroys a Million Dollar Vase by Ai Weiwei

Ai & Caminero.001

Chinese artist Ai Weiwei’s “Colored Vases” is shown on display in December at the Perez Art Museum Miami. One of the vases in the exhibit was smashed Sunday.

A spokeswoman for the museum said the incident occurred on Sunday, February 16, 2014 afternoon when Maximo Caminero a local artist walked into the waterfront museum and picked up one of the vases in an installation of Mr. Ai’s work titled “Colored Vases.” A guard asked the man to put it down, but instead he threw it to the ground, smashing it, the spokeswoman said.

Ai, meanwhile, told CNN that he didn’t have “much reaction” to the news, but said that he thought that a line should be drawn when it came to damaging public or private property as part of a protest.
“I can’t have a show in Beijing but I cannot go to museums to break work in Beijing,” he said in a phone interview.
“My work is basically forbidden to be shown in China … The protest itself may be valid but to damage somebody’s work to do that is questionable.”
Ai said that he considered his work — specifically the triptych which shows him dropping an antique urn — to be “very different.”
“My work belongs to me, it doesn’t belong to the public and also it doesn’t [belong to] somebody else.”

Caminero, a Dominican Republic-born artist whose Caribbean-inspired paintings have been exhibited locally and abroad, was arrested and charged with criminal mischief.  Caminero claims he did it “for all the local artists in Miami that have never been shown in museums here,” according to the Miami New Times.

Pérez Art Museum Miami  published a statement without mentioning Mr. Caminero’s name on its website saying  ,   “working with the authorities in their investigation.” “Although the museum can’t speak directly to intentions, evidence suggests that this was a premeditated act,” the museum’s statement went on. “As an art museum dedicated to celebrating modern and contemporary artists from within our community and around the world, we have the highest respect for freedom of expression, but this destructive act is vandalism and disrespectful to another artist and his work, to Pérez Art Museum Miami, and to our community.”



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Title:Conmigo o en mi contra Medium:Mixed Media on Canvas Sizes:84"x106" ©2010 Antonio Guerrero

Title:Conmigo o en mi contra
Medium:Mixed Media on Canvas
Sizes:84″x 106″
©2010 Antonio Guerrero

MIAMI, Florida February 12, 2014 – The Cuban Art Project/  We are delighted to inform   that Antonio Guerrero‘s  work has been selected for inclusion in the upcoming exhibition, Florida Contemporary, at The Baker Museum. This show presents a great opportunity to showcase emerging as well as established artists who share a geographic location, but whose work diversified  personal as well as contemporary social issues.

From realism to abstraction and everything in between, Florida Contemporary features local photographers, painters, sculptors and graphic artists who have spent a lifetime at their craft, alongside an exciting array of new artists that visitors can discover for themselves. This exhibition provides an intriguing look at the innovative images, subject matter, techniques and mediums that exemplify art being created throughout Florida today.

With a mission to inspire creativity and awaken curiosity, The Baker Museum strives to be a visual arts resource for people of all ages and backgrounds with a special emphasis on the contributions of modern and contemporary artists.

The Baker Museum, the visual arts commitment of the Artis—Naples campus, includes a three-story, 30,000 square foot museum with 15 galleries, glass dome conservatory and resource room. Special features include the Museum’s entrance gates, designed by renowned metal artist Albert Paley, and a Persian Ceiling created by popular glass artist Dale Chihuly.

Antonio Guerrero’s is a Cuban artist who filters historical references and current events through his perspective to come up with images that provoke thought. There is no subject too holy for him to question. Whether it is religion, politics or sex, he presses his point with irony, boldness or stealth. His use of black and white with a limited color palate of vivid primary colors make an impression that lingers.

Recent Exhibitions: 

Selected Exhibitions: (*Solo Shows)
2014 Florida Contemporary at The Baker Museum, Naples FL, (USA)
2014 Continuum at Sweet Gallery Curate by  Richard LTooke Naples FL, (USA)
2014* Solo show “Havana Nigth” Thomasville Center of the Art ,Georgia (USA)
2014* Solo show, at Miguel Rodez Art Project, january 19, Miami Fl,(USA)
2013 The Sidney Berne Davis Art Center under the name “Punctun contra Punctum II American Edition, curate by Richard LTooke
2013 Jorge Mendez Gallery, under the name “Twelve” Palm Spring California (USA)
2013 Milander Center of Art, Under the name “La mano Hispana” curated by Vicky Romay and Noel Santiesteban, Hialeah, Miami FL (USA)
2013 The Georgian National Museum, The National Gallery,under the name “Punctum contra Punctum II curated byRichard LTooke, Republic of Georgia (Tbilisi)
2013 Naples Museum of Art, under the name “Incognito”, Naples FL,(USA)
2013  Miguel Rodez Art Project, under the name “Passion red”,Miami FL,(USA)

To see more about the artist please visit:



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