Gary Nader Announces Latin American Art Museum

© Gary Nader via Facebook

© Gary Nader via Facebook

Renowned art collector Gary Nader announces his intent to build a world classLatin American Art Museum. The museum aspires to be the most important venue in North America to showcase acclaimed Latin American Art and will be fully dedicated to foster knowledge by a continuous process of appreciation and reinterpretation of Modern and Contemporary art from Latin American and its diaspora.

“A permanent space dedicated to showcasing Latin American Art greatness is long overdue,” stated Gary Nader. “Through a permanent collection of paintings, drawings, sculptures and other media, in addition to itinerary exhibitions, the museum’s audience will experience and appreciate what is considered to be one of the world’s most significant regions of today’s Contemporary art scene.”

The museum will work as a dynamic cultural center continuously presenting exhibitions, films, music, and theater performances with an active educational program.

“Our aim is to launch a joint venture involving all sectors of the community including artists, writers, actors, musicians, producers, collectors, corporations, developers, investors and the public in general to create a project in which we may be able to articulate the past and present Latin American Art for the world to enjoy and admire,” continued Nader.

The Latin American community of the United States is a significant and dynamic part of American culture and counts with 53 million+ residents that are proud of their roots and have contributed to the greatness of our country in countless ways. It is a community that highly influences every aspect of America’s social, economic and political landscape.

 Nader’s plans are for the museum to be built in Miami, saying, “Miami is a cosmopolitan city that has become a leader in tourism, finance, commerce, international trade, entertainment and culture. For all these reasons and more I am honored to announce the upcoming creation of the Latin American Art Museum in the crossroads of the Americas.

Mr. Nader invites the public to express their ideas of what they would like to experience in the upcoming Latin American Art Museum and can be reached at

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