Rachel Weiss, Latin American Art Researcher, Lecturer and Author of “To and From Utopia in the New Cuban Art”

Saturday, May 10, 2014 
1 p.m.

Seating is limited, please RSVP to 305.237.7722 or museum@mdc.edu

“Lupe at the mic” recounts the 2009 performance in Havana for which Tania Bruguera installed a microphone in the patio of the Wifredo Lam Center and invited people to speak, unfiltered, for a minute each. Among those who took her up on her offer was famed dissident blogger Yoani Sánchez, which meant that the piece was an instant scandal and, additionally, succès de scandale. Despite that inherent element of melodrama, there was an unsettling vacuum of catharsis produced by the event, and in fact, it was in its afterlife as rumor, YouTube video, and blog post that the work achieved greatest density. This talk will think through some of the resonances, contradictions, and quandaries raised by the piece and by its reception in various quarters. It is part of a larger project Weiss is currently working on about artworks which revisit traumatic histories.


Image courtesy of Rachel Weiss.

About Rachel Weiss:

Rachel Weiss is professor of arts administration and policy at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She has written extensively on Latin American art and cocurated the exhibitions The Nearest Edge of the World: Art and Cuba Now and Global Conceptualism: Points of Origin, 1950s-1980s.

Rachel Weiss’ recent book To and From Utopia in the New Cuban Art will be available for purchase at the Museum, with a signing opportunity at the conclusion of the lecture. The publication offers a critical look at contemporary Cuban art history, exploring its remarkable artistic accomplishments and its role as catalyst for, and site of, public debate.

Impact & Legacy is organized by the MDC Museum of Art + Design and curated by Chief Curator, Jeremy Mikolajczak with Curatorial Assistant, Natalya Laskis. The exhibition is presented by JP MORGAN, CHASE, and MBAF. With the support of RBB, BACARDI AND DIARIO LAS AMERICAS

This lecture is presented in support of the museum’s current exhibition, Impact and Legacy: 50 Years of the CINTAS Foundation. Impact and Legacy celebrates 50 years of the CINTAS Fellows Collection, which is composed of works donated by the fellows in appreciation of the fellowship award. The Collection has grown to be one of the largest bodies of Cuban art outside of Cuba and continues to grow each year with each new fellow.

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