Op Art great Antonio Guerrero to headline SeaFair Summer Exhibition



The Op-Art work of Antonio Guerrero, world-renowned painter,  is on display now at Pop Up Gallery at SeaFair Megayatch.

Miami, Florida May 18, 2014- The Cuban Art Project – A glance into the  gallery presents a dazzling optical illusion. A few steps inside will tickle your retinas and delight your brain. Antonio  seeks to define a little-known pictorial movement. Since its beginnings in the 1950s to its more recent ramifications, ‘Optical Art’, a movement pioneered by artists like Bridget Riley and Victor Vasarely that became hugely popular after the Museum of Modern Art in New York City held an exhibition in 1965 called “The Responsive Eye.” In it, op artists explored many aspects of visual perception, such as the relations among geometric shapes, variations on “impossible” figures that could not occur in reality, and illusions involving brightness, color and shape perception. Hence, his main reference through out the process has been  some of the most influential Modern artists of the 20th century – as well as many contemporary artists investigating the application of Op in the art world today.

These masterful pieces were  made in the early 2000s and will be on display until July 31, 2014 .

SeaFair is the world’s first megayacht venue showcasing unique works of art, jewelry, and collectables in ports along the US eastern seaboard. The 228’ yacht features 4 decks, 28 custom designed galleries, gourmet dining, a champagne and caviar lounge as well as an open-air sky deck.


100 Chopin Plaza
Bayfront Park South Dock
Downtown Miami, FL



About the Artist:

Born 1968 in Matanzas, Cuba
Lives and works in Miami Beach, Florida

Antonio Guerrero’s interdisciplinary work, which encompasses painting, sculpture, writing and photography is shaped by a wide array of interests including the philosophy of consciousness, Cuban culture and human cognition, which refers to the mental processes involved in establishing and shaping our understanding of reality. His work explores philosophical questions like the nature of existence, mind and body, knowledge, goodness and beauty. His interest in knowledge extends from the avant-garde arts and philosophy to history, literature, social sciences, public policy and economics. Of special interest are the forces driving social and cultural change such as globalization and the avant-garde artistic movements.


Recent Exhibitions: 

Selected Exhibitions: (*Solo Shows)
2014 CU.1 Gallery under the name “Los Cuatro” Miami FL, (USA)
2014 MA+D, Miami Art and Design, Adriana Budich Arte Contemporáneo, Miami FL, (USA)
2014 Florida Contemporary at The Baker Museum, Naples FL, (USA)
2014 Continuum at Sweet Gallery Curate by Richard LTooke Naples FL, (USA)
2014* Solo show “Havana Nigth” Thomasville Center of the Art ,Georgia (USA)
2014* Solo show, at Miguel Rodez Art Project, january 19, Miami Fl,(USA)
2013 The Sidney Berne Davis Art Center “Punctun contra Punctum II American Edition, curate by Richard LTooke
2013 Jorge Mendez Gallery, under the name “Twelve” Palm Spring California (USA)
2013 Milander Center of Art, Under the name “La mano Hispana” curated by Vicky Romay and Noel Santiesteban, Hialeah, Miami FL (USA)
2013 The Georgian National Museum, The National Gallery, “Punctum contra Punctum II curated by Richard LTooke, Republic of Georgia (Tbilisi)
2013 Naples Museum of Art, under the name “Incognito”, Naples FL,(USA)
2013 Miguel Rodez Art Project, under the name “Passion red”,Miami FL,(USA)
2013 LMNT Art Gallery, under the name “Celebrity Art Series”, Miami FL, (USA)
2013 MFA, under the name “Inspired by red” at Mano Fine Art, Miami Fl, (USA)
2012 Miguel Rodez Studio, under the name “Drawn from within, Miami Fl, (USA)
2012 MFA, under the name “Made in the USA” MANO Fine Art, Studio, Miami Fl (USA)
2012 Studio 18,under the name “Sincerity Project” Pembroke Pines FL, (USA)

You can see more of Antonio Guerrero’s work on his website. http://www.guerreroart.com.

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