Niurka Barroso’s Photography in the Heart of Downtown Miami.

Woman  White Pigeon

Woman White Pigeon

Miami, Florida – From June 6th-July 7th, 2014, Contemporary Art Projects USA will be showcasing the photography of Niurka Barroso. She is a Toronto-based Cuban Photographer. Her Photography is the result of an exploration of her inner self and her formal experience as a photographer. She conceives and develops her work work in periodic creative cycles.

She uses her body as symbolic territory to create her world of ideas, sensations and emotions and through this practice of externalization she reconstructs her inner being.

imageHer photography shows a strong documentary intention. It is the indelible mark of her experience as a documentary photographer combined with her training as a photojournalist with Agence France-Presse (AFP) from 1993 to 2005.

Between strength and fragility, “Time of Joy…Time of Sorrow” exorcises feelings of anguish and uncertainties related to her health.
“Head & Octopus” and “Woman & White Pigeon” belong to the series “Dangers of the Soul”, where she uses symbols from Afro Cuban Traditions to reconstruct elements of her personal identity fragmented by emigration.


Time of Joy Time of Sorrow

The artist states: “My photography is emotionally autobiographical. Themes are related with my notions of identity, memory, history and are a reflection of the woman I am.”
The artist is represented by Silvia Medina, International Curator.

photo.jpgContemporary Art Projects USA
100 Chopin Plaza, Suite 103
Miami, FL 33160
For more information contact:

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