is the most exclusive art fair of the Caribbean. It presents over 2500 pieces of modern and contemporary art and it combines culture, entertainment and social responsibility. The event is produced by Huellas con Futuro Foundation. In its third edition, BarranquillARTE will be once again a platform for art dealers, collectors, artists and art lovers alike. From Sept 1114, 2014. Escuela de Bellas Artes in Barranquilla, Colombia.

Alejandro Mendoza Tounder artist/curator “Giants in the City”

“GIANTS IN THE CITY” is a traveling art public exhibition that exposes the need of the change in the relation between the artist and society. “GIANTS IN THE CITY” have as misison to bring back to our conscience the value of the art in public spaces and our role within society through the artistic fact. Besides achieving a substantial change in the role of the creative subject, we present the importance of its social function demythologizing the artwork and approaching the citizen.

“Art in public places is not about us, but about others. Does not reveal personal inclinations, or talk about the myth of the artist, instead reveals its civic sense. Does not it intend for people to feel diminished and insignificant, but to glorify them. It’s not about the existing emptiness between culture and the public, but seeks that art becomes public and that the artist becomes a citizen…

GIANTS IN THE CITY resigns to the form of a traditional meaning of the urban monument to offer a new artistic expression that transforms deeply the place of production and reception of the work of art itself; does not relate to the imposition of a symbolic meaning – characteristic of the permanent monument work – but relates to an ephemera parallel idea of equality between the space and the time, creating long-lasting inspiring dialogues between the work and the spectator.

Alejandro Mendoza
founder artist/curator

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