Antonio Guerrero Through the Eyes of Heike Dempster.


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Antonio Guerrero sees his art as a mouthpiece that inspires change. Influenced by the works of painters Matisse, Dalí and Chagall as well as authors Dostoyevsky, Kafka, Cortazar ,Borges, and Faulkner, his art presents a distinct visual language.

Guerrero uses elements and influences as varied as ancient Egyptian art, imagery from the sumerian culture, tapestry from the middle Ages, avant-garde art, modern expressionism, as well as his own experiences to shape his unique personal voice.

This voice has been the root for much philosophical musing on behalf of the artist, who continues to grapple with its existence and the dilemma surrounding the innate characteristics of a personal language. How personal can it be without being private and elusive to the public? And if it is public, how personal can the language be?

Guerrero ponders philosophical idea investigates topics like migration, courage, love, repression, pain, anxiety, and tragedy and uses his art as a vehicle to explore and understand humanity at large as well as him self- development, which, in his eyes,”represent the greatest human struggle”.

To read complete article  Press here.

Issuu Publication starts on  Page:129

Written by Heike Dempster

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