Antigonon, by Teatro El Publico – January 22-25, 2015 @ Miami Dade County Auditorium

FUNDarte in collaboration with The Miami Dade County Auditorium presents Teatro El Público’s Antigonón, written by the unbelievably sharp young playwright Rogelio Orizondo, and directed by the audacious and unwavering Carlos Díaz.  The work departs from the myth of Antigone to fuse with old and new heroes of Cuban history.  Heroes are reborn and others are abandoned–in particular the myth of renowned poet José Martí, considered the founder of Cuban revolutionary thought—and join in the post-modern Greek tragic chorus to serve up a remix of frustrations and demands placed upon the bodies of the performers.
Between derision and poetry, between travesty and reality, the spectacle becomes the mirror of a society that maintains a strained relationship with its own history. The text reflects a new view of contemporary Cuba from a subtle perspective that slices through moments of the island’s history and surprises us with questions regarding the present.  Structured on a series of non-linear monologues, and embroidered with exotically absurd costumes and some punctuating physicality, the work flows like a series of flashbacks.
This brave and irreverent work, directed by notorious director Carlos Díaz and Havana’s most irreverent theatre company, El Público, at times shocks, and at times draws tears from audiences, rocking the spectator’s emotional and political sensibilities across an unexpected spectrum of absurdity that has become all too real. Having sold out over 100 performances in Havana, and now touring internationally, this highly relevant and passionate work will be performed in Miami for 4 nights only!
“Please be advised that this performance includes scenes of nudity, and may not be appropriate for minors.”

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