Voices of the Island: The Cuban Art Collection of Reynier Llanes


The Franklin G. Burroughs-Simeon B. Chapin Art Museum presents Voices of the Island: The Cuban Art Collection of Reynier Llanes.

Voices of the Island features 55 works by 18 artists, including Llanes, all of whom are from Cuba and most of whom are still living there. The works are part of Llanes’ personal collection.

Reynier Llanes is an artist, curator and passionate art collector, who has assembled a collection of paintings by mid-career contemporary, professional artists, including himself, from Pinar del Rio, a unique multicultural region of Cuba. The works in the exhibition consist of drawings and paintings in a multitude of styles, such as abstraction, magic realism, where surreal subject matter is painted in a photorealistic manner, and representational landscapes and still lifes. The 18 Cuban artists in the exhibition include Juan Suarez Blanco, Carlos Ulises Bretaña Hevia, Reynier Llanes, Pedro Pablo Oliva and Antonio Guerrero.


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