Cesar Santos & The Human Condition

Cesar Santos.45x32in oil and charcoal on linen web

Miami, Florida – January 16, 2014 – The Cuban Art Project – Cesar Santos creates imagery that evokes his deepest perceptions about the human condition. In his portraits, he places the sitter in a world richly populated with thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Santos’ paintings are executed with the perfect balance of the virtuosity of the masters, and the rich imagery of his generation. He is as avid with oils as he is with charcoal; leaving his indelible mark for prosperity on his favorite surface: linen canvas. With his imagination and craftsmanship, he composes the beautiful, powerful work that will become his legacy for generations to come. His commanding, fresh compositions are proof that there are still great masters in our midst.

Mantodea. Oil on linen.

Mantodea. Oil on linen.

His extensive art education background and innate creativity have earned him the honor of having his work exhibited around the globe: from the Annnigoni Museum in Italy and the Beijing Museum in China, to Chelsea, New York. Santos earned his Associate Degree in Art from Miami Dade College, and then attended the New World School of the Arts before traveling to Florence, Italy, where he studied at the Angel Academy of Art under the tutelage of Professor Michael John Angel.

cz1rEj4c9saF6MPpNlOXTPqzbQLtrBrg8543tAoWweM,0mwNDnFo1EPrgbrCK7utoeYGHbEn5LlY4gftrOPMJ14His work juxtaposes a perfect mixture of the classical and the modern, cohabitating without effort in each of his paintings. With superb technique, he infuses perfect harmony between the natural and the conceptual, which results in incredibly provocative and dramatic work.

Cesar Santos will be participating as Feature Artist at Art Palm Beach and his artwork will be displayed at the Entrance of the Fair.

For More Information about his artwork Please Visit Contemporary Art Projects USA at Booth 108.


Executive Director: Tata Fernandez


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