Irazoqui Art Gallery Presents Two Ways by Yovani Bauta

Two Ways Yovani BautaScreen Shot 2015-04-06 at 2.08.33 PM

Two Ways is an exhibition that presents the artwork of two figurative artists who have selected different paths within the current known as Neo-Expressionism. Yovani Bauta, a prominent and well-established artist in Miami and Yunier Gomez Torres, a young Cuban artist recently immigrated to the United States.

Bauta, with over thirty solo and group exhibitions presents a work of profound Neo-expressionism where one easily sees the influence of the English painters Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud.

From Bacon Bauta has assimilated the way Bacon was able to reflect a traumatized humanity through the expressiveness of the human figure and from Lucian Freud, Sigmund Freud’s grandson, the ability to paint people for what they are and not what they want to be.

Yunier Gomez Torres, a native of Remedios in Santa Clara, Cuba, travels a different path, exploring other sources of contemporary art.

The reference here is the Bad Painting, a pictorial current appearingat the end of the seventies, whose most celebrated figures are artists Jean-Michel Basquiat and Julian Schnabel. This trend regarded as Neo-Expressionistic borrows elements of graffiti, tattoos, phrases written on school desks, the language of prisoners, words carved into the trunks
of trees and even phrases written in public toilets.

Both artists explore ways in which human beings are the focusand the infinite ways they interact with their environment, the stage,the “play” of their daily existence.

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