Three Cuban Artists of this Era will exhibit @LuminArte in Dallas, Texas.

Title: Red Shoes Medium: Mixed media on paper Sizes: 18

Title: Red Shoes Medium: Mixed media on paper Sizes: 18″ x24″ ©2013 Antonio Guerrero

Miami, Florida May 19, 2015 – The Cuban Art Project -IMAGES of boats and the horizon are a relative constant in Cuban art. Often times the artwork explores the frustration of artists living under an oppressive regime and the heartbreak of a revolution whose promise has faded. Three of the top Cuban-American artists in the United States will exhibit their work  as a part of Exodus,  an exhibition  at LuminArte Gallery which explores concepts related to diaspora, delving into issues of immigration, political exile and cultural identity.

Within this presentation of international artists, exhibiting paintings, photography and sculpture, the viewer has the opportunity to relate to each artist’s experiences of migration, isolation, assimilation and personal discovery.

Whether the artwork depicts a fusion of icon and symbol, representations of traditional forms and artistic styles, or pure nonobjective abstraction, each artist draws from his or her creative evolution with the idea of developing a distinctive new interpretation of social coherence.


The Rafters by Alejandro Leyva

The presentation showcases renowned creative talents, including Cuban born artists Antonio Guerrero, Alejandro Leyva and Luis Delgado, who work out of Miami, Los Angeles and New York, respectively. Ukrainian painter, Andriy Halashyn lives and works in Costa Rica.

The photographic work of New York artist, Bilo Hussein, includes a recent series of studies of women who have, like Hussein herself, experienced both gender inequality and cultural displacement. Bulgarian encaustic artist, Antoaneta Melnikova-Hillman is based in North Texas, as is abstract painter, Waleed Arshad, who through his vibrant and expressive paintings, transcended political exile and separation from his family and friends in Baghdad. Zahra Nazari and Sina Khosravi both emigrated from Iran to North America, with Zahra maintaining a studio in New York and Sina exhibiting internationally as both an Ontario based musician and visual artist. Born in Lebanon, Shirine Osseiran lives and works in London, and was a visiting lecturer at LuminArte Gallery during the 2014 edition of the Islamic Art Revival Series.

American Dream 3 by Andriy Halashyn

American Dream 3 by Andriy Halashyn

This dynamic exhibition of contemporary, international artist opens on May 23rd, with an artist reception from 7:00 – 10:00PM and runs through June 20th. Both the reception and exhibition are free and open to the public.

LuminArte Gallery

1727 E Levee St, Dallas, Texas 75207

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