Antonio Guerrero Launches New T-Shirt Series to Promote Tourism in Little Havana


The Rooster ©2015

MIAMI, Florida — August  21, 2015 Using the T-shirt as a medium for self-expression, Miami-based artist Antonio Guerrero launches a new T-shirt series  to promote tourism  to La Pequeña Habana. 

“Souvenirs are the tangible proof of having undertaken a trip,  but  their real function if to remember experience. The years I spent in Little Havana were a distinct and important period in my personal life and my creative life. My arrival marked the beginning of a transformation during which I redefined my ideas of art and introduced new artistic concepts. It was easy to find inspiration from the culture and scenes of Little Havana for my first T-Shirt Design, I am more than happy to celebrate Miami’s Cuban Heritage, as well as the people and natural resources that make Little Havana  a great place to visit in Miami.” said Guerrero. 

The neighborhood attracts people from all over the world. For many people,  La Pequeña Habana  (Little Havana) has a special magic and is a place associated with many fantasies and it is undoubtedly the best known neighborhood for Cuban exiles in the world. Little Havana is characterized by a robust street life, excellent restaurants, music and other cultural activities, mom and pop enterprises, political passion, and great warmth amongst its residents.

The artworks are all printed on a comfortable premium 100% cotton t-shirt and have a retail price of $34.99. 

The first T-shirt of the  I love Calle 8 / Little Habana collection is  The Rooseter and is now available at:

The Cuban Art Project promotes the work of Cuban artists around the world, using the latest innovations in technology. It was founded by Leticia del Monte & Antonio Guerrero in Miami Beach, Fl with the purpose of serving artists through in-depth consideration, presentation, and the publishing of critical writing; and to introduce this work into public contexts through exhibitions, screenings, performances, and educational programs.

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