Art Miami Today Project: A Partnership Between Contemporary Art Projects USA & El Emporio del Network

Tata and Pancho 2

Tata Fernandez – Director of Contemporary Art Projects USA & Communications Executive, Francisco Tosta.

There is a popular saying: unions forge strength; and so it is with art entrepreneur, Tata Fernandez – Director of Contemporary Art Projects USA – and communications executive, Francisco Tosta – Partner of Conexiones Internacional – who have come together via a shared passion for the arts. Tata, is world-renowned in the art marketing world/gallerist, and artist representative of a very select group of contemporary visual artists and sculptors. Francisco is a long-time seasoned art collector. These two amazing individuals have conceptualized and brought to life: Art Miami Today, a giant of a project focused on creating a strong platform from which to exhibit contemporary artists; not only for the general public, but also for the more select group of individuals seeking to invest in art.

Pancho Tosta has announced that El Emporio del Network, comprised of: two television channels, two magazines, a radio station, and two newspapers, is eager to embark on this amazing cultural project – scheduled to debut during Spectrum Miami 2015.

Mr. Tosta began collecting art 19 years ago, with a work created by Virgilio Trompiz, and then continued to acquire works by: Lopez Mendez, Pedro Angel Gonzalez, and scores of other Venezuelan masters. These days, he has gone on to add: Miro, Mark Chagall, Soto, and Lichtenstein to his ever-growing collection; and loves to engage in conversation about other Venezuelan masters such as: Armando Reveron, Jesus Soto, and Carlos Cruz-Diez , as well as, Luis Alberto Hernandez, Martin Schoffel, Jose Mora, Cesar Santos, and Maria Fernanda Lairet; whose works are still available at very attainable prices.

For Tata, the project’s mission is clear and precise: the sharing of the expertise and passion of two dedicated art lovers for the purpose of creating a solid platform from which contemporary art can be commercialized, while at the same time nurturing and providing opportunities for emerging and established artists; as well as taking their working to the international community.

The first exciting project of this initiative will be: HELP-HOPE-NEPAL, a collaboration of 400 artists that will come together to create a mural that will be exhibited at Spectrum Miami Fair during Art Basel week 2015, whose funds will benefit the victims of the Nepal earthquake; for which Francisco will provide extensive promotional support through Art Miami Today under the direction of Tata Fernandez, curated by Silvia Medina, and coordinated by Edith Monge Silva.

Art Miami Today opens another window from which to view and learn about Miami’s Cultural Landscape through El Emporio del Network’s prestigious, well-established resources.

For more information visit:
Contemporary Art Projects USA
and/or e-mail:

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