Opening Reception: InterWoven Exhibition at Merzbau Gallery

Interwoven, features ten contemporary artists who engage in sewing, knitting, and weaving to create a wide-range of works that activate the expressive and conceptual potential of line and illuminate affinities between the mediums of textile and drawing. Multi-generational in scope, Interwoven brings together the works of: Amie Adelman, Nadia Benatar, Marie-Noelle Fontan, Gjertrud Hals, Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia, Ramón Laserna, Rachel Meginnes, Leonardo Nieves, Ximena Roa and Yessika Zambrano; who unravel the distinction between textile and art while expanding its groundbreaking gestures.

This exhibition is curated by Isabela Villanueva, and opens on September 10th at 7 pm.


Amie Adelman (b. xxx): Lives and Works in El Paso, Texas. She finds her inspiration in yards for dressing looms, and explores the two and three dimensional world through the use of lines in her works.

Nadia Benatar (b. 1949): Lives and works in Caracas, Venezuela. Through her use of thread, nylon and beads, her work explores the use of space and form resulting in what could be called celestial three dimensionality.

Marie-Noelle Fontan (bxxx): Lives and works in Paris, France. Applying her development of form and color, she employs the infinite world that nature provides, in order to create each unique piece.

Gjertrud Hals: (b. xxx): Lives and works in Norway. Deep into her constant search for the connection between the micro and macro world, she creates the Ultima vessel series, by experimenting with knitting and resin casting.

Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia ( Lives and work in Los Angeles, California. Through weaving painted paper, he creates exquisitely colorful mosaics that explore abstraction through the use of color and pattern.

Ramon Laserna ( Lives and works in Bogotá, Colombia. Drawing the eye to the beautiful tension created in each of his works, he masters the use of line and space.

Rachel Meginnes ( Lives and works in Richmond, Indiana. Relishing in the methodical nature of her work, she marries fiber and latex to an astonishing result where she forges relationships between color, form, and texture.

Leonardo Nieves (b.1977): Lives and works in Caracas, Venezuela. Employing needle and thread, he set out to explore urban structures with the use of negative space and geometry.

Ximena Roa ( Lives and work in Santiago de Chile, Chile. Delves into the use of pigments and Pre-colombian weaving techniques in an effort to bring us closer to our human sensibility.

Yessika Zambrano ( Lives and work in Mérida, Venezuela. Through the use of geometry and space, she plays with light and shadows that ultimately demonstrate a different dimensionality with each passing hour.

For more information please contact the Gallery at or call 786.534.7800
Merzbau Gallery
Gallery hours: Monday- Friday 10 am- 5 pm, Saturday by appointment

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