THE HUMANIZED-SHOES, Fifty Years of Painting by Dionisio René


MIAMI, Florida The Cuban Art Project – Vargas Gallery, in collaboration with the art department of Vargas University, is proud to present The Humanized-Shoes, Fifty Years of Painting by Dionisio René (Cuba-1940) curated by Henry Ballate. This wide selection includes paintings from 1965 to 2015, displayed as a journey to the artist’s major periods, it aims to demonstrates Dionisio René as a key figure in Cuban art, and one of the most consistent and prolific painters of our time.

This retrospective examines the artist as a global figure. Dionisio’s strokes continue to move even after the work is completed, its fluidity and rhythm throb and tumble around in the space between the viewer and the canvas. These outstanding examples reveal the imprint within Dionisio René’s hybrid style of surrealism and magic realism. This is the most ambitious show to date of the Vargas Gallery.

Vargas Gallery is the Vargas University professional art gallery coordinated by Vargas University Department of Art. Our mission is to encourage students, faculty and the local community to participate in a creative environment that exhibits works of art which engage spectators in dialogues with the contemporary artworld. Vargas Gallery exhibits the work of emerging artists as well as national and internationally recognized professional artists. Join us Thursday, October 1st, 2015 from 6pm-10pm The exhibition will continue until November 1st , 2015.

For more information email us at:

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