Discovering a Magnificent Volume of Work by Cuban Painter Fernando Enfori Garcia. ¡#Enhorabuena!

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Fernando Garcia re- elaborated in his images of a particular moment in time – photos of women who seem to come from a daguerreotype , or figures of iconography from the “pin ups ” or the ” nose art ” . This material , which also leads us to the American poster of the two great wars and the origins of pop -art, not working as a mimetic appropriation nor as mere nostalgia for the past , but as statements exhibiting a tenacious resistance to extinction , before death .

The physical support of his paintings is subjected to a thorough process of aging, and the effect of fluid , sandpaper , clamps , and an arsenal staff that the artist uses in developing his pieces,The cardboard get quality and hardness of the metal or wood , resulting in a surprising texture pieces . Before getting it, the artist has faced the matter with the perseverance of an alchemist. His pictures updated tripled and contradictory process of recovery, resistance, wear .

Since that kind of story in which take equal parts theme and treatment, his pieces are born . These tables and figures the statements once decorated a wall , a wall, ironically returned to the body of a box , as the resolution of a fragment of time that resists extinction as instinct , ironic and enigmatic play between so casual and enduring .

Noemi Luis

3-good times bad times (21x25)

Good Times , Bad Times. 21″ x 25″

1982 Master Degree in Plastic Arts, Higher Institute of Art, Havana, Cuba.

2009 QUINTESSENCE: Imagos Gallery
2009 Quiroz 108 Gallery: Enfori contra Ataca.
2005-2009 Ardex Gallery. Miami, Gomez Fine Art Gallery. Puerto Rico.
2000-2004 Dorfsman Gallery.and CMC gallery
1999 La Boheme Gallery , The Gallery
1998 Performances, Miami Inter American Center
1998 La boheme Gallery. Miami,  Fl
1997 Small format, La Boheme Gallery
1996 Fernando Garcia, Gallery Center, Boca Raton, FL, U.S.A. 1992 Paintings, Puebla’s Gallery, Mexico.
Fernando Garcia, La Luna Gallery, Guadalajara, Mexico.
Fernando Garcia, Personal Exhibcion, Guadalajara, Mexico. El Ojo En La Mira, San Angel Gallery, Mexico, D.F., Mexico.
1992 The Unknown Gallery , Miami Beach
1990 Ojo Pinta, Phototeque, Havana, Cuba.

1989 Workshop of Silk Screen, Rene Portocarrero, Havana, Cuba.

2009 Exhibitions Toyota, Ford Meyers
2007 Contemporanea Gallery
2006 Brickell Gallery
2004 Cuba Master Collection
1999 La Boheme gallery
1998 La Boheme gallery Miami FL
1997 La Boheme gallery Small Format Exhibition
1996 Yamato Galleries, Coral Gables, FL, U.S.A.
Cuban Painters,

1996/2000: Collective Exhibitions in Miami,  Boca Raton and Mexico performances in galleries, public performances and learning photography. /taugh by Ed Valenz.
1996 Placeres Estéticos, Yamato Galleries, Coral Gables, FL, U.S.A.
Pequeño Formato, La Boheme Gallery, Coral Gables, FL, U.S.A.

1995 Jose Marti [ Scholarships, Vanidades Gallery, Miami, FL, U.S.A. Miami Art Fair,Meza Fine Art, Coral Gables, FL, U.S.A.
Exhibition, La Boheme Gallery, Coral Gables, FL, U.S.A.

1994 Cumbre de las Americas, Freedom Tower, Miami, FL, U.S.A. 1993 Museum of CostaRica, San Jose, Costa Rica.

1992 1 1 Cuban Painters, Museo del Carmen, Mexico, D. F., Mexico.
Contemporary Cuban Plastics, Secretary of Commerce and Industrial Development, D.F., Mexico.

Nada Que Ver, Museo de San Angel, Mexico, D.F., Mexico.

Son, Design Center of the Americas, Dania, U. S.A.

Exhibition, The Americas Collections Gallery. Coral Gables, FL, U.S.A.

Los Cubanos Ligaron Ya, Ninart Gallery, Mexico, D.F., Mexico.

1991 Salon de la Ciudad, Provincial Center of Plastic Arts and Design, Havana, Cuba.

Three Young Cuban Painters, Enrico Bucci Gallery, D.F., chile.

solo show colateral damage, galeria la luna, guadalajara., Mexico.

solo show fernando garcia , galeria tonala, jalisco., Mexico.

selfportrait , guadalajara, jalisco., Mexico.

1990 Collective Exhibition of Cuban Artists, Yucatan, Mexico.

1989 Landscape by Landscape, New Delhi, India.

1988 Sal6n ’13 de Marzo” Gallery L. Havana, Cuba.

1987 Designer, Draftman and Promoter of the silk screen Atelier “Rene Portocarrero”.
Experiences in Silk Screen with Mimo Rotella, Robert Raushemberg and Joseph Kosuth. National Exhibition Room of The Small Format, National Museum of Fine Arts, Havana, Cuba.
Tenth Aniversary of Higher Institute of Art, National Museum of Fine Arts, Havana, Cuba.

1986 11 Biennial of Havana, Atelier Julio Leparc, Havana, Cuba. Anthology of the Portrait, Havana Gallery, Havana, Cuba.

1985 National Exhibition of Graphics Room, Havana, Cuba. Llegary Poner, Havana Gallery, Havana, Cuba. Competition “Joan Miro”, Barcelona, Spain.
iVe w Painters from Cuba, A n d o rra L a B e I I a, S p ai n.

1984 Exhibition Room ’13 de Matzo” Gallery L, Havana, Cuba.

1982 National Exhibition Room of Landscape, National Museum of Fine Arts, Havana, Cuba. Art and Society Exhibition, Gallery L, Havana, Cuba.

1981 Youth Exhibition Room of Plastic Arts, Havana, Cuba.

1977 Youth Exhibition Room ’13 de Matzo” University of Havana, Cuba.
National Exhibition Room of Plastic Arts ’26 de Julio”, Havana, Cuba.

1975 Exhibition by Professors of Plastic Arts, Havana, Cuba.
Exhibition by graduates from The National School of Plastic Arts. Havana, Cuba.

1974 Exhibition of Paintings, National School of Plastic Arts, Havana, Cuba.

1973 Exhibition of Engraving, National School of Plastic Arts, Havana, Cuba. 1970 Exhibition of Engravings, Holguín Gallery, Cuba.


1979 Salon Nacional, First mention in drawing, Havana, Cuba.

Salon Nacional, First prize in drawing, First mention in painting, Havana, Cuba.

5 detail of Vanitas (44.5 x 16 inches)

Public Colletions:
Permanent Collection. National Museum of Fine Arts,
Havana, Cuba.
Museo del Carmen, Mexico, D. F., Mexico
Museo de Andorra/Andorra

Private Collections:
MCM,Cuban Masters Collection/Miami
Ivan & Hilda saud /Miami
Craig&Ivelin robins/ Miami
Ed Valenz /Miami
Reynardus & Moya/New York
Naief Yehya/Mexico City/New York
Silvia Dorfman /Miami
Williams Fadanelli/London/New York/Paris
Alex Aguilera /Atlanta
Dario Le blank /Miami
& others


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