Celebrate your city with the commission of Pablo Zuleta Zahr’s • Global Identity Project


The Global Identity Project by Chilean artist Pablo Zuleta Zahr was conceived in 2003 as a large-scale social portrait to be created in various high traffic, everyday locations around the world. Each site specific installation begins as a result of approximately 24 hours of video footage, taken in a particular public area where a diverse sampling of each community is recorded. The individuals are separated and sorted by Zuleta Zahr, then placed digitally into large grids according to common features like clothing color, gender, age, etc.. In doing so, no one was forgotten, no one is manipulated and no one appears twice. The recompositions have a poetic power that bring to mind the loss of identity and transience of everyday life. Without any instructional gesture, the works are a social study that tells us something about fashion, subcultures and stereotypes. Due to its socio-analytical nature and the large scale format, this work lends itself to public spaces. They bring a sense of identity and cultural introspection to governmental buildings, airports, subwaystations, libraries, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, and corporate headquarters. Each city has a different color background and can be commissioned in various sizes and media, ranging from still photography and interactive video screens, to custom-printed tiles or glass for larger facades.

The Global Identity Project has been realized in Berlin, Germany (titled Alexanderplatz) and Santiago, Chile (titled Baquedano) and has captured the interest of major publications such as The New York Times, Le Monde Diplomatique and Architectural Digest. Most recently Baquedano was shown at the Lishui Photography Festival in China in its original 16 meter/ 52.5 feet format. Portions of both projects have been displayed in galleries, museums and art fairs, and purchased by collectors. An image from this series was prominently featured in Season 2 of the critically-acclaimed and hugely popular Breaking Bad spin-off, Better Call Saul on Netflix with a viewership of 5 million people worldwide.

Pablo Zuleta Zahr studied photographic art with Thomas Ruff at the renowned Düsseldorf Art Academy. His work have been shown internationally at institutions such as Martin Gropius Bau Berlin(link), Musée de Élysée, Arles Photo Festival, and the Lushui Photo Festival in China. He currently lives and works in Berlin.

Contact: Richard Levy Gallery • info@levygallery.com • +1 505.766.9888

Individual artworks from Baquedano are currently available for smaller spaces and private collections.

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