Emilio Braun Burillo, representing America Teve, displays accomplishments of May ratings

Miami, Fl., (June 1st,2017) – Mr. Emilio Braun Burillo, along with Jeanie Penichet, general sales manager, present the solid ratings results obtained by America TeVé to the advertising agencies and clients for the resent “Ratings Book” issued by Nielsen during the month of May. This year the network’s programing has scaled to new heights with its audience, reaffirming its position as the leader in the independent Hispanic television in the United States, primarily in the South Florida market.

“We are the biggest growing Hispanic channel in relation to the important demos of persons between 25-54 years, between 7:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. (Prime Time), in comparison to the February 2017 book, and we’re the first cannel in male audience 50 plus, between 3:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m., with 17% share”, states Braun Burillo, who added” “these figures and extremely positive, with our tendency reflecting on going growth”.

Carlos Vasallo, President and CEO of América CV Network, noted that the success of America TeVé is primarily due to the emphasis that its entertainment and news teams reflect their loyalty striving to tap continuously to its multiethnic and multicultural audience.

“It is a labor full of great challenges, but we count with some of the best professionals in Hispanic television in the United States”, states Vasallo. “This same diversity of our team, guarantees the knowledge we possess to interpret and satisfy the needs and tastes of our audience”.

Here are some of our achievements during this period:

AN5 newscast, grew 33% in 25-54 over the February book.
AN10 newscast, surpasses 2 ratings points in the 25-54 segment.
Late night entertainment TN3, grew 27% in households over the May 2016 figures.
100% of the programs and newscasts of America TeVé is higher or the same in May the results obtained in the February book in the 25-54 target.
Millions visit our multiplatform digital page daily from 150 countries.

Jeanie Penichet, General Sales Manager at America CV Network, indicated that the strength and growth of America Teve’s Miami market demonstrates our determination and commitment to the Hispanic community in all its diversity.

Braun Burillo and Penichet will show agencies and advertisers, the growth of our channel as the preference of viewers in South Florida (throughout the greater Miami area, and the counties of Broward, Monroe and Palm Beach).
America Teve is the independent #1 Spanish station based in Miami, with renown presence in the markets of Miami, New York and Puerto Rico. Our nine continuous hours of news and entertainment programming can be viewed in the following markets:
Miami-Dade: Channels 48.1 y 41.1
Nueva York: Channel 34.
Puerto Rico: Channel 42.
Comcast Miami-Dade: Channel 12.
Comcast Broward: Channel 5.
Atlantic: Channel 17.
Direct TV: Channel 41.
Dish: Channel 41.
AT&T Uverse: 48.
Choice: 21.
Claro TV: Channel 24.
Dish: Channel 7.
One Link: Channel 41.

Acerca de América TeVé:

América TeVé es una estación de América CV Network LLC. América Tevé es la estación independiente #1 en Español basada en Miami, con distribución de aire en los mercados de Miami, New York y Puerto Rico. América TeVé está comprometida a servir a la diversa comunidad Hispana produciendo 9 horas de programación noticiosa y de entretenimiento de alta calidad. América TeVé se puede ver en Miami por aire en el canal 48.1 y 41.1, en Comcast 12 (Dade County) y 15 (Broward County), Atlantic 17, Direct TV 41 y Dish 41 y At&t Uverse 48. New York por aire en el 34. Puerto Rico por aire en el 42, Choice 21, Claro TV 24, Libery TBA, Dish 7 y OneLink 41. Para más información visitar http://www.americateve.com

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