SeaFair is the world’s first mobile megayacht venue and the fourth largest privately owned yacht in the United States. Groundbreaking in scale, ingenuity and style, the yacht – which remains dockside during each event – pairs international fine art, jewelry and collectables with harbor view dining and special events in cities along the eastern seaboard.

The $40M purpose built yacht was designed by internationally acclaimed yacht designer Luiz De Basto. At 228 feet and 2800 international tons, it is the largest ship built for commercial operation in the Intracoastal Waterway and requires a draft of only 6.5 feet allowing it to dock at small yacht facilities in central city locations rather than use commercial ports.

Se trata de ser invisible a la hora de cazar presented by Aldo Castillo Gallery Art Sarasota

Conmigo o en Mi Contra by Antonio Guerrero (Art Sarasota 2011 Aldo Castillo Gallery)

Antonio Guerrero began his career more than two decades ago with a one-man show at a temporary gallery space in Africa. A group of friends  purchased all of his paintings. He  has since hosted more than 30 exhibitions. Guerrero interprets the idea of surreal art in most, if not all, of his works of art. Not only does he interpret surrealism in the majority of his pieces, he paints with his heart on the brush in all of his paintings.

Guerrero is an autodidact, but learned at an early age Jung’s Theory  of  universal unconscious   that all people possess an innate knowledge and understanding of images.

Escape Enigmatico

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